certified Linux professional 1Our operation relies on Linux for both desktop clients and servers. We use it everyday

If you still have computers running windows, or need linux, or linux 'services' then we aim to help with a mx of skills, both in software products, and open standard software in system administration and application development integration. Rather than reinvent the wheel we have a 'do it once approach' So do please contact us below and our crack team of staff.

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mapcode qr code Maps sourced from openstreetmap.org, these are screen dumps and then cropped. If you know what a mapcode is then try G8N.02Q.

a high quality trabant carBy car / bicycle / etc.

We are located near to Heathrow airport / Slough / Uxbridge in the west of London. As soon as you are on the London Orbital (m25/ Junction 16) and exit onto the the m40 then exit on the Uxbridge turnoff. Locate the A413 and head towards Aylesbury - pass the Denham turnoff and stay on the A413 until the first roundabout. Follow the signs to Gerrards Cross and the lower road is first left, slow down as you are now near your destination. Open street map site or Google Map site - follow the instructions - or use your own solution.

A chiltern railways trainBy public transport.

By the London Underground, your aim is Uxbridge underground station and get on bus a A30 A40 or 740 use [Saint Marys School] as a stop. By Train: Via the Chiltern Line (London to Aylesbury / Birmingham /Oxford), [Tube users can alternatively use the Central line to and head for West Rusilip and then connect with the Chiltern Line] to get to Gerrards Cross direct where you can walk from there, or use a bus from the Costa coffee shop stop (near Barclays bank). On arrival you can find: us by walking turn left at barclays bank onto the packhorse road, past the ethorpe hotel and a girls school it is a brisk twenty minute walk downhill. Open street map site or Google Map site.


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